Who Wants It More, You Or Your Child?

Who Wants it More, you or your Child?

Being supportive of your child’s activities; whether it is athletics, music, dance, computers, etc. is critical. Just as important however is knowing how much to “push” your child as there is a fine line between support and literally ramming your child into something that they have little or no passion for.

My youngest son Dylan, now 11 years old, was off and running as a baseball player from a very early age, starting tee-ball at 5 years old. By the time he was 8, his skills had improved to the level where he made his Pony League’s All-Star team. He was a good little ball player, certainly not the next Babe Ruth but he could definitely hold his own. Dylan kept improving each season after tee-ball and my husband and I both thought, “If he keeps improving, in another year or two and maybe we’ll look into travel ball for him.” Well, a year or two later, Dylan had hung up his glove and baseball cleats…..for good. He simply told both my husband and I one morning, “I really don’t like baseball that much – I want to try something else.” That something else ended being two things actually; water polo and flag football (nothing wrong with tackle, but as parents we have made a decision to wait for him to make that call when he’s little older).

Who wants it more your or your child?

Water polo was great for Dylan, his late spring and entire summer was spent in the pool practicing and playing in tournaments for a local water polo club. Flag football has worked out pretty well also and it has led Dylan to discover something he really enjoys – snapping the football! Of course he likes pulling a flag or getting big yards when he gets to run the ball, but he really enjoys making that perfect “snap” to the Quarterback, who in flag football is usually 5-7 yards behind the center (the “hiker”). If he plays tackle football down the line, which again, will be his choice when he is a little older, he says he wants to play on the line and also be a long snapper. He practices long-snapping with dad and we even plan to enroll him in an upcoming kicker/long snap camp. Already a 5-foot tall, 120+ pound grade school kid, this could actually work out for him down the road- as long as HE WANTS TO pursue it.

Who wants it more you or your child?

As much as my husband and I miss his baseball days (especially my husband – the baseball nut) we couldn’t be happier seeing him do something that he relishes and more importantly, supporting Dylan in activities that he enjoys.

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  1. I so agree! We shouldn’t project our dreams onto our children…it’s not fair to our kids. They need to have the opportunity to learn a sport and enjoy it. So many parents sign their kids up for extra training, extra this, extra that, and it’s not the kid’s dream…it’s theirs.

    • Michele, I know exactly what you mean I see it so many times. I really want Dylan to enjoy the sports he plays. I will always be his biggest fan!

  2. This is very new territory for us. I can’t say what we would or wouldn’t do. I can see myself thinking if my child seemed really happy about a sport if losing, another person or something like that didn’t make him want to quit maybe. But the joy of process of growing up is learning which sports you do like. Sounds like he is doing just that 🙂

  3. I had one of these moments with Violet when she was going through her attachment phase this year at the start of pre-k. We started dance at the same time and she loved it. Then we sent her to school and a switch flipped. She wanted nothing to do with it. I started dance when I was 3 and had to take a second to decide if it was worth making her miserable M-F with school and then Saturdays too or, even though I knew it would eventually pass, maybe it just wasn’t the right time? I had a mini break-up with the idea of seeing her in a cute little sparkly costume doing the moves to her own little dance on recital day, but we will try again next year. I remember saying to myself: Don’t be THAT parent. The one who pushes their kids to do things they don’t enjoy.

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