Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 200-355 Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals Version: Demo300-075 dumps 300-320 dumps DEMO QUESTION 1 Refer to the exhibit. A customer has enabled the primary DNS server to return the correct controller IP address in response to a CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain request coming from new access points associating to the wireless network. The access points seem to still be receiving the wrong IP address and cannot associate to the primary controller. Why are the access points receiving the wrong IP information? 300-208 dumps A. The DHCP option 43 has an incorrect controller IP address configured. B. The DNS server must be configured to respond to CISCO-LWAPP- CONTROLLER.localdomain request. C. The controller and wireless action point need to be Layer 2 adjacent. D. The controller must be configured for DHCP option 15 request 300-135 dumps Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2 A customer has ordered a Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller. What speed and quantity of ports are needed for full-speed operation? A. 6 x 1 Gb B. 6 x 10 Gb C. 2 x 10 Gb D. 2 x 1 Gb E. 8 x 1 Gb F. 8 x 10 Gb 400-251 dumps Correct Answer: B QUESTION 3 Which three items do you need to establish a wireless connection to an enterprise wireless network? (Choose three.) A. SSID name B. RF channel C. RF signal D. 802.1X/EAP credentials 210-065 dumps E. pre-shared key F. web page G. WPA/WPA2 settings Correct Answer: ACD 300-206 dumps QUESTION 4 The network administrator receives complaints of slow wireless network performance and performs a sniffer trace of the wireless network in preparation for migration to 802.11n. The sample capture shows frames that contains AP beacons with NonERP_Present bit set to 1 and frames with RTS/CTS. Which two conclusions can be interpreted from these frames? (Choose two.) 300-070 dumps A. The network is performing slowly because 802.11n clients are already mixed with 802.11g clients. B. The network is performing slowly because 802.11b clients still exist in the network. C. The network is performing slowly because a wireless client is incorrectly configured, which results in RF interference. D. Possible 802.11b wireless clients are located only in the AP cell radius where the sniffer capture was performed. E. Possible 802.11b wireless clients could be located anywhere in the wireless network. 300-209 dumps Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 5 Which architecture is used to divide the roles between the access point and the WLC when deploying a centralized wireless solution? A. Split MAC B. CAPWAP C. LWAPP D. Local MAC 300-360 dumps Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6 A customer is reviewing Cisco Prime Infrastructure to identify malicious rogue access points that are operating within the customer environment. Which dashboard in Cisco Prime Infrastructure displays this information by default? 642-998 dumps A. Context Aware B. CleanAir C. Security D. General Correct Answer: C 210-451 dumps QUESTION 7 When an AP, in its default configuration mode, connects to a Cisco WLC, which methods are available forremote management access to an AP? 400-351 dumps A. SSL and SSH are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0. B. SSH only C. HTTPS, and SSH D. SSH and Telnet E. SSH and Telnet are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0. 300-370 dumps Correct Answer: D QUESTION 8 During the deployment of a wireless network for data and location services, an engineer is to fine-tune the location services. What is this type of survey called? A. passive fingerprinting 400-101 dumps B. passive calibrating C. active fingerprinting D. active calibrating Correct Answer: A 400-051 dumps QUESTION 9 Which two Cisco WLC management-access methods are available as the default setting? (Choose two.) A. SSH B. HTTPS C. Telnet D. HTTP 400-201 dumps Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 10 Which two statements about the requirements to configure inter-controller roaming are true? (Choose two.) A. The same mobility domain names are configured across controllers. 200-125 dumps B. The same RF group names are configured across controllers. C. The same controller hardware version is configured across controllers. D. The same AP manager interface is configured across controllers. E. The same virtual interface is configured across controllers. F. The same controller software version is configured across controllers. 100-105 dumps Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 11 Which Cisco AnyConnect module allows troubleshooting for core Cisco AnyConnect problems? 210-260 dumps A. telemetry B. web security C. VPN D. NAM E. DART F. posture G. CSSC Correct Answer: E 300-115 dumps Refer to the exhibit. The wireless engineer has deployed the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller. The controller is responding on the service port; however, it will not respond on the management interface. Which configuration revision will fix the management interface? 200-105 dumps A. On the switch interface, configure switch(config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10. B. On the WLC management interface, disable LAG on the management network. C. On the switch interface, configure switch(config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan 10. 300-101 dumps D. On the WLC management interface, change the VLAN ID to 20. E. On the switch interface, configure no spanning-tree portfast trunk. F. On WLC Controller > General, disable LAG and reboot. 200-310 dumps Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13 Which statement about ZigBee technology is true? A. It has low power consumption. B. It is designed only for point-to-point communications. 210-060 dumps C. It ranges up to 250 meters. D. It supports data rates up to 1 and 2 Mb/s.Correct Answer: A 200-355 dumps QUESTION 14 What must be done for Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS to communicate? A. The IP address and subnet mask of the Cisco WLC must be configured in the Cisco WCS. B. The IP address and subnet mask of the Cisco WCS must be configured in the Cisco WLC. 640-911 dumps C. The identity certificate of the Cisco WLC must be added to the Cisco WCS. D. The Cisco WLC and Cisco WCS must exchange identity certificates. Correct Answer: A 300-075 dumps QUESTION 15 What three components must be the same on a controller and the RADIUS server when adding a RADIUS server to a WLC? (Choose three.) A. Username B. Shared Secret 300-320 dumps C. Index Priority D. Port Number E. IP Address F. Network Mask Correct Answer: BDE 300-208 dumps QUESTION 16 A lightweight AP has been deployed in local mode in a network that consists of 10 wireless LAN controllers in a single mobility group. The AP has been configured to use primary, secondary, and tertiary Cisco WLCs. Due to a major power failure, all those Cisco WLCs are unavailable. Which step does the AP take next? 300-135 dumps A. The AP reboots and repeatedly attempts to join the configured primary, secondary, and tertiary Cisco WLCs in that order. The process continues until one of the configured Cisco WLCs is available. B. The AP attempts to join a Cisco WLC configured as a master controller. C. The AP attempts to join the Cisco WLC that has the greatest capacity available. 400-251 dumps D. The AP state transitions to AP Fallback Mode and continues to provide limited WLAN services (that is, no new client authentications) until a Cisco WLC is available. Correct Answer: B 210-065 dumps QUESTION 17 What AnyConnect module can be used to provide a detailed scan list of the Wi-Fi environment? A. DART B. Telemetry C. Web Security 210-250 dumps D. NAM E. Posture Correct Answer: A QUESTION 18 What is the equivalent of 26 dBm in milliwatts? 210-255 dumps A. 4 mW B. 40 mWC. 100 mW D. 400 mW E. 1000 mW 200-150 dumps Correct Answer: D QUESTION 19 A customer wants to deploy Cisco Cloud Wireless architecture with 802.11ac capabilities. Which access points would meet the customers' requirements? (Choose two.) A. Cisco 3700 Access Points B. Cisco MR34 Access Points 200-155 pdf C. Cisco MR18 Access Points D. Cisco 3600 Access Points E. Cisco MR72 Access Points F. Cisco 1570 Access Points G. Cisco MR26 Access Points 300-160 dumps Correct Answer: BE QUESTION 20 The administrator needs to create a report that shows all controllers, APs, and Cisco 3300 Series MSEs in the WLAN, including hardware and software information. Which report includes this information? A. Device > Inventory B. Mesh > Nodes 300-165 dumps C. Network Summary > Executive Summary D. Network Summary > 802.11 Summary Correct Answer: A

What is Pediatric Recurring Fever Syndrome?

What is Pediatric Fever Syndrome?

Fever Syndrome or Recurring Fever is a fever of unknown origin. This condition usually occurs once a month or every few months and the child will generally have no other symptoms. My son Dylan has had fever episodes since he was born and has recently been diagnosed with an Auto Immune disorder (Recurring Fever Syndrome).

Dylan four years old.

Dylan four years old.

Dylan is my youngest child, he is 10 years old and in the fourth grade.   The minute he was born he came into this world screaming, wanting to be heard and he made sure we knew it.  He still has this feisty temperament like his mama. His first word was “No!”

I guess he would need this spit-fire personality given what he has had to deal with during his childhood. Dylan has had fevers on and off since he was a baby.  When I say fever, I mean more than the norm with no other symptoms.  When he was 4 years old he had extended fever episodes over a period of 3 months.  He was hospitalized and they ran every test possible and they could not figure out what was wrong. He continued to have fevers as he got older and every trip we took to the pediatrician, I’d get the same response; “he just has another virus.”  I grew tired of hearing that he just had another virus, arguing with his doctors demanding second opinions. Something in my gut was telling me that something else was going on.


At 8 years old, Dylan had a period of intermittent fevers that lasted 7 months. This is when I met his current Pediatrician who felt that something was definitely going on with Dylan and it was not normal to have these fever episodes.  I started to cry – even though I didn’t know what he had I felt that I was finally getting somewhere. He said he could have Familial Mediterranean Fever or Periodic Fever Aphthous Stomatitis Pharyngitis (PFAPA). He referred me to an Immunologist, Geneticist, Oncologist, Hematologist, and Infectious Disease doctor. It seemed overwhelming having to see all of these specialists, but I was glad that there was a possibility of getting a diagnosis after all of these years.

Even though Dylan was finally getting some validity it was only the beginning of all of the blood tests and doctor appointments to come.


After seeing all of his doctors, they indicated that he has an Auto Immune Disorder but he did not meet the criteria for Familial Mediterranean Fever or PFAPA – but he did have something in common with these two fever disorders. Blood tests revealed that Dylan has had consistent elevated C-reactive protein and Sedimentation rate or (ESR) which are prevalent in fever disorders. Dylan will have the C-reactive protein and Sedimentation rate elevated even when no fever is present. Dylan was classified as having Recurring Fever Syndrome or Fever of unknown origin. His doctor explained to us that there are many kids in the United States with Fever Syndrome and they are still doing research on fever disorders.

Finally, we have some kind of diagnosis – an Auto Immune Disorder and Recurring Fever Syndrome.  It is still not easy and when he gets a fever and I get a little nervous and monitor him like crazy after all he is still my baby and no mother likes to see her kid sick. It has been quite a journey with a lot of worrying and doctor visits, but I’m thankful that Dylan is an active, normal kid and aside from his fever issues, pretty healthy to boot.

This is only my story – as with any health condition related to your child, see a doctor and be persistent until you have clear answers. Use these 5 tools for your next Dr.’s visit.


Latina Mama Rama


  1. Adriana Flores says:

    I Hope A Cure Is Found Soon. I Know How Frustrating It Can Be For A Mom When A Child Is Sick. God Bless!

  2. Hmm interesting, I have not known about this syndrome. Sorry to hear about that but I am glad to hear that he is better and that the worst is behind him~! I will be praying for him. Saying hi from the monday blog hop!

  3. Hello:
    Thank you for sharing this post about your son. I also have a PFS (probable TRAPS). My symptoms didn’t start until I was in my 30s. I couldn’t imagine how tough it would be to be a child with this condition or a parent with a child with this condition. Wishing you all the best!

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