Waffle House

Our first trip to the Waffle House!

My husband and I were watching Anthony Bordain’s TV show several months ago show where he is traveling in Louisiana. After a night of food and imbibing, he ends up taking a late night trip with one of his chef buddies to a Waffle House. They order up hash browns, waffles and pretty much everything on the menu. My husband I were pretty fascinated because we have seen a Waffle House during our trips to Arizona but never thought of stopping in.  After watching the show and seeing how they made the food. It was going to happen soon!

waffle house2

On a recent weekend we were in Arizona for my son’s baseball tournament. He had a double-header that day so he needed a big breakfast – it was a perfect time to check out the Waffle House! The boys ordered the waffles and I ordered eggs and hash browns. These hash browns are not your typical hash browns. The hash browns come plain or you can add ingredients that are smothered on top. YUM!

waffle house 3


waffle house 4

Let me tell you that these were the best hash browns I have ever eaten. They were perfectly crispy but not too much with ham and covered in cheese. I was impressed! I ate them all and I did not share. Not to mention the perfect cup of “coffee shop” coffee – DELISH!!  Having that perfect cup of coffee in the morning makes for a better day for everyone involved. 🙂 

Waffle House 1

Next time I’m craving potatoes, I’ll be sure to go in and just get the hash browns with a coffee or juice. The waffles were a hit with the kids as well!  Have you been to the Waffle House?


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  1. Celeste Ortiz says:

    You should do a post on how to make Caldo de Res 🙂

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