The Toughest Kid I Know


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The Toughest Kid I Know

He’s the younger of two brothers and the toughest kid I know. Picture that image of a baby with beard stubble and an anchor tattoo on his arm and you get an idea of what I mean.

Well, my youngest son Dylan has no beard stubble and I don’t believe there are any tattoos in his foreseeable future. What I truly hope is in his future however is fever free days. For all intents and purposes, Dylan is a typical, healthy kid. Healthy with the exception of his recurring fever/PFAPA condition, which he has dealt with since he was a baby. Unexplained fevers lasting for 7-14 days that mysteriously come and then, just as mysteriously, go for periods of time – sometimes with nasty side effects (joint swelling, rashes, spleen issues).

tonsillectomy-pfapa-recurring fever syndrom

August is a month of celebration in our family – it was my big 4-0 and it was Dylan’s 13th birthday.  Instead of our trip to Disneyland, we ended up with multiple doctor visits and even a trip to the emergency room as Dylan fought a fever that lasted nearly 3 weeks. The doctor visits consisted of running multiple blood tests, IVs, and even a CT scan.

The past few months have been tough for Dylan as he’s been cycling through fever episodes. He has stepped up, as always, and has been tough right back. Even with low-grade fever, Dylan insists on going to school and to his flag football practices. He’s missed his share of classroom time, but yet, fever and all, he rolls his sleeves up and makes up all of his schoolwork and then some. I’m proud to say, through all of this, he’s an honor roll student and I give credit to his middle-school teachers and his counselor who have helped with all of this.

Pfapa-tonsillectomy-reccurring fever syndrome

I’m typing this post as Dylan sits across from me on the couch in my den, less than three hours removed from his tonsillectomy – a procedure that had been scheduled for some time. It’s ironic that he had one of his worst fever episodes leading up to the the tonsil removal. Tonsil removal has been very successful in helping reduce or eliminate fevers in children suffering from these recurring fever conditions – I’m staying extremely positive and hopeful that this procedure will help Dylan.

recurring fever syndrome-tonsillectomy-pfapa


Through endless blood tests, getting stuck with IVs, doctor visits, and fevers that knocked him on his butt, he’s stayed as tough as nails. Never complaining along the way, even after waking up from the anesthesia today looking at me and saying “my throat hurts…but I’m fine.”

He’s the toughest kid I know.


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