How to Make the Perfect Chelada {Bloody Beer}

The big game is right around the corner! Do you have your drinks ready? How about at the perfect chelada or michelada.  A chelada is beer mixed with tomato cocktail and is also known as “Bloody Beer.”

how to make the perfect chelada or michelada

How to Make the Perfect Chelada {Bloody Beer}


1. Cut the lime into wedges and coat the top edge of the glass with lime so the juice is on the rim. Then sprinkle the “Tajin” (you can also use margarita salt) over it turning the glass so its all over the edge of the rim.

2. Add ice into the glass and pour Clamato into the glass a little less than half-way.

3. Pour your beer of choice (light beer is best) into the glass, add a splash of  worcestershire sauce, squeeze a wedge of a lime (or a whole lime if you prefer) and lightly stir.

4. For an extra kick, you can also add Tapatio hot sauce. It really is the perfect chelada or michelada.

how to make the perfect chelada or michelada

Latina Mama Rama


  1. I’d never heard of a Chelada but I have to tell you, your picture makes me want one!!

  2. My relatives used to drink this and I have never tried it. Bookmarking your recipe to try sometime.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s pretty popular now. They do have it pre-made in some stores but it taste better if you make it yourself.

  3. This looks delicious!! I drink beer like a man so anything beer related is a must-try for me. Plus, I can easily make this! You know how challenged in the kitchen I am… You do inspire me to want to cook though Ophelia!


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