The Outsiders

As some of you might know my oldest son Tyler is in 8th grade and he LOVES his English class, particularly due to some of the novels his class has been reading this year. His English teacher recently assigned the students to read “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. The Outsiders was one of my favorite movies as a teenage girl and I hoped he would enjoy the story as well.

 Well, he loved the book and his class also got to see the actual movie, which Tyler  thoroughly enjoyed.

 Outsiders Day

His middle school designated a recent school day as “Outsiders Day” which allowed the 8th graders to dress in “Outsiders” garb – they even got to choose whether to dress like a Greaser or a Socs (if you have read or seen The Outsiders, you’ll know what a  ‘Socs” is). He chose to be a Greaser as his favorite character in the story is Ponyboy.  Ponyboy is a character known for doing great in school but lacks general common sense – this makes me laugh as I’ve told Tyler this exact thing in the past.

 While Tyler was getting ready for Outsiders day, he asked me for some help getting his hair to look like a greaser. When I walked into the bathroom Ty has grown so much that I could not reach the top of his head to comb it. I asked him to crouch down a bit so I could reach to see what I was doing!  It felt so nostalgic combing his hair like I used to when he was younger – the days where I had to crouch down to comb his hair. I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden he is this giant. He may be a giant but I will always see him like this.

Outsiders Day


One day I know he will understand!

 Have you ever felt like you needed to slow things down a bit?

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  1. Ophelia!!!- you just made me cry. I know exactly how you feel, when my 7th grader lets me do her hair or pick out her outfit, it takes me back. Where does time go!?!

    Your son looks handsome, he looks more like a clean cut “greaser”. Did you use Tres Flores 😉

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