The CD charted with two singles

The CD charted with two singles.The latest release, “Destinations,” came out in 2012 and saw Nichols diving into new territory. Though he was trying to find different ways of getting there, Nichols has described it as having faith in where he was going.”I’m kind of all about blowing the box wide open,” Nichols said.By adding banjo, pedal steel guitar, steel drums and string sections, and melding it with magic into a contemporary jazz/pop setting, Nichols said he’s finding new soundscapes to play with but remains “true to my voice.” Since that recording, he said, he continues to carry that concept further with each new venture. One of the beautiful things about jazz music is that it lends itself to improvisation and an almost constant development of a song.”I think you can put the saxophone into any musical genre except for opera and it works in place of vocals.

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