The best I could find was a reddit

The best I could find was a reddit post about the new models that was useless as well as a review site along with cook illustrated and their sites that said they would review the new models eventually so that sort of useless. CI did mention however that the manufacturer said they changed there finish and handles which seems to be true as they are now now a satin rather than mirror finish but (at least in the 12″ fry pan) there is one change they didn mention, they reduced the cooking surface by about 1″ at least in the fry pan from the saute pan. On top of that as I implied the names were also changed on some models with the saute pan becoming the open fry pan.

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Cake Decorations manufacturer Cast iron conducts heat slowly, requiring constant awareness on the part of the cook and a low gas flame. The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service says that classic cast iron cookware conducts heat evenly, which is necessary while cooking on the uneven heat source of a gas stove. Cast iron is an inexpensive cookware choice because it requires more maintenance than most pans Cake Decorations manufacturer.

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