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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Hass Avocado Board

Right off the bat to start your day,  you can Love One Today™ by including delicious fresh avocados as part of a delicious morning breakfast meal. We are a very busy family that is definitely always on the go! Just about every weekend, we are consumed by the kid’s sporting events and other activities.


I always make sure that my young sons get a great breakfast  but sometimes that means that my husband and I eat a granola bar or just have coffee as we pack the car, fill the ice chest, fuel up, etc. When we have a weekend “off” we get to sleep in and recharge – this makes it the ideal time to cook up a great breakfast. I love when this happens because we all get to sit down together at the table and actually have conversations. It reminds of when I was young as I looked forward to Saturday mornings because my mother made big breakfasts for the familia and many of those breakfasts included delicious avocados. One of those breakfasts is Omelettes! I make a Southwest Avocado Omelette – using avocados to substitute for other “omelette-fillers” and it is delicious. I make this for the familia and not only is it tasty, it’s nutrient dense while being on the lighter side.   I have to say that now as I am approaching my 40s, it is definitely difficult to keep up and a solid (as well as delicious) breakfast is so important. With family history of elevated blood pressure and cholesterol I have made some modifications to our diet without sacrificing taste – avocados are cholesterol and sodium free, which is music to my ears! Including avocados into this Southwest Avocado Omelette is a no brainier – so tasty!

Southwest avocado omelette

Southwest Avocado Omelette Ingredients

omelete ingredients

southwest avocado omelette

avocado omelette


Start by heating a skillet and spraying some non-stick cooking spray.  Pour the eggs into the skillet moving the egg mixture around in the pan so the entire pan is coated with eggs. Once cooked on both sides remove egg and place on a plate and fill with avocados. Then fold the egg over so it looks like a crescent shape.

avacodo omelette

Using the same pan, place your chopped onion and jalapeño into the pan and cook until the onions look soft. Next, add the tomatoes and a dash of salt then cook until all the ingredients are soft. The salsa mixture will be juicy. Lastly, pour the salsa mixture over the avocado omelette and you are done!


southwest avocado omelette



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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Hass Avocado Board

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  1. I think they look delicious, but my husband would probably freak out. The jalapenos might offend his delicate senses LOL. Great post!

  2. I love avocados – the main way I use them is in guacamole, but I also have a recipe from Foodie Crush that I love which is enchiladas with avocado cream sauce! So good!!

  3. Girl this looks AMAZING!

  4. This recipe looks so healthy and good! I have to try it!

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