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Hello- Hola

Welcome- Bienvenido

I’m Ophelia Weiner, a Latina, wife and mother of two boys who lives in Southern California.  I enjoy cooking, especially Mexican food, and I’m known to have several cups of coffee a day.   My world revolves around my two boys Tyler  (born in 2001), Dylan (born in 2002), Husband (Tom), my kid’s sports, dirty laundry and my favorite place – the kitchen!

I’m starting this blog to build memoirs of our family journey that includes culture, food, and accounts of the fun and interesting things that occur in our daily lives.  This way, Tyler and Dylan will know where they come from {past} who they are {present}, and the endless possibilities than can achieve {el futuro}

I hope you enjoy the journey of always being on the go jumping around from one thing to another.


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