Some women think male managers

Some women think male managers are better at developing the employees that work for them than women. As the thinking goes, women managers, faced with the glass ceiling, have to put all their energy into themselves so they don’t have time to build and grow new talent. This taps into some common stereotypes about women in the workplace..

Really doesn’t matter what the major event is, Milstead said. About keeping the public safe. And it’s about the collaborative efforts between local, state and federal law enforcement. A little gratuitous commentary to go with the Washington Post report below. For the second time in a week, a police officer faces charges in the shooting of an unarmed, fleeing man. Although in fairness, Robert Bates was a “reserve deputy,” not a regular police officer.

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Silver joined ERIE in 2010 as Marketing’s senior vice president. With deep experience in financial services including roles at JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, Silver has brought financial and analytical acumen to her leadership roles at ERIE. In 2014, Silver’s oversight was broadened to establish ERIE’s Customer Experience priority initiative.

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