Pico de Gallo- Fresh Mexican Salsa

Pico de Gallo {Fresh Mexican Salsa}

Have you ever tasted the best Pico de Gallo (Fresh Mexican Salsa)?  If you haven’t, this will be the recipe for you! Pico de Gallo is the one of the simplest salsas to make and you can serve this up with some tortilla chips, grilled chicken breast, or even in a fresh salad. Pico de Gallo contains Roma tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, cilantro, and splashes of lime and lemon juice. It’s also important to note that this is a nonfat alternative and great for the waistline (not that I’m watching mine much but I thought you should know).  I always have this in my fridge ready to throw on anything and everything.

This is the kind of salsa that fits anyone’s taste buds. I love me some cilantro so I add lots extra in mine. If you really want to be daring and have some extra heat, throw in a few extra jalapenos. The minute you taste this salsa, you will taste the infusion of the lime and lemon juices explode. You will love the taste and wonder why this simple condiment is not in your refrigerator already. So let’s get choppin’!

pico de gallo

Pico De Gallo (Fresh Mexican Salsa)

List of ingredients:

6 Roma tomatoes

1 onion

2 or 3 Jalapeño

1 Lime

1 Lemon

Bushel of cilantro (I prefer lots)

Salt to taste

pico de gallo

Start by dicing all the ingredients into small cubes and placing in a bowl.  Once you are done dicing, squeeze the lime and lemon juices into the bowl.  I’ll let you know my secret ingredient – sugar.  I sprinkle a little bit in the bowl then the salt.  Mix all the ingredients together and voila!

Ready to Eat!

Ready to Eat!




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  1. Adriana Flores says:

    Yum..Will Try.

  2. karla lomeli says:

    Looks good, cant wait to try!

  3. Hi!
    Do you know that Pico the Gallo is very similar to Moroccan Salad?
    I will try your recipe!!!

  4. Wow! This looks amazing, and I can’t wait to make this for my husband. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    PS Found you through the Meandering Mondays blog hop and will follow you on Bloglovin!

  5. Thanks so much Ophelia! I have been looking for a good Pico De Gallo recipe. I can’t wait to try yours. It looks delicious. I am visiting from Wine’d Down Wednesday. I will be following you on Pinterest. Come by Soup Spice Everything Nice. I would love to have you visit. Have a great day!

    • Thank you so much for visiting! I will return the follow and will visit your blog. Let me know what you think.

  6. Yum! We make our own salsa all the time too! I’ll have to try lemon in mine…I usually only use lime! Looks delicious!

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