Mi Querida Madre – My Dearest Mother

Querida Madre

Mi querida madre was born in a small pueblo in Sinaloa Mexico in 1953. The name of the small town is El Verde (The Green), which is about an hour drive from Mazatlan.  She was 1 of 12 children, consisting of 6 boys and 6 girls – this familia is gigantic!   She attended school in El Verde through high school and then decided to go to Mexico City to live with her older sister and study nursing. That lasted all of one year.

Mi Mama- grade school

Mi Mama- Grade School (2nd From Rt.)


She wanted something more, so at 19, her adventurous spirit led her to the United States to live with her older brother. She settled in Los Angeles and not too long after, my madre met the love of her life – my father Carlos.

Mi Mami (Far Left)

Mi Mami (Far Left)


Madre, 40 years ago, you came to this country not speaking the language or knowing the culture and over time, you adapted to the new language and culture while staying true to your roots. You made a choice to jump in head-first and go for it. I admire your audacious spirit and for being such a strong woman, never allowing any barriers get in your way. You’ve become a role model for your family and generations to follow!

Latina Mama Rama


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