Making Laundry Easy 5 Steps with Tide Pods

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Making Laundry Easy with Tide Pods

When I was young, I had different chores around the house and most of the work was done on weekends. I would wake up to the smell of breakfast and the sound of music – both being my cue to get out of bed! We had to do everything from cleaning the house to pruning the roses in the yard. At a young age, my mother taught me how to do my laundry and iron my clothes. I remember her telling me that it was important skill to learn and I needed to take pride in how my clothes looked and smelled.

Nowadays, my family is always running around to school, work, baseball practice, etc. Once the weekend arrives we are pretty much out of the house shortly after sunrise and headed to a baseball diamond or a football field. There is no better sight than seeing a teen athlete proudly looking sharp in their vibrantly colored sports uniform before a big game.

making laundry easy for teen with tide pods

Now that I am a mother and run my own casa, I truly appreciate what I learned from my mother. Even though I do not have any daughters I still feel that it is important to teach my teen boys how to wash their clothes in a way they come out sparkling clean. Also, it is important for them to take pride in how they look. That is one thing that I remember my madre always saying – always look our best.

Given how busy my family is, it’s important that our time doing laundry is quick and efficient, while getting the desired results of wonderfully smelling and super clean clothes. Tide Pods is a product that helps us do all of these things. As much as it saves time for me as a mom raising a family, my sons are learning how easy and fast doing laundry can be – something that they’ll have to know about when they are off to college and are mastering laundry their own.

Whenever it’s time for my teens to do laundry, I am always there with them monitoring their wash and giving them suggestions on how to do it safely. Here are 5 easy steps I take with my teens as we tackle a load of laundry.

Making laundry easy with tide pods

Making Laundry Easy 5 Steps with Tide Pods

1 Sorting – Show them how to separate the white clothes from the color clothes into different piles. Explaining the results of mixing white baseball pants with a red shirt! What I love about Tide Pods is that they have been designed to work on all sorts of laundry conditions, and are safe for both whites and colors.


2 Reading the Label– It is important to know what types of fabrics they are washing and understand what type of care they need.


3 The Wash – Show them how to load the washer with clothes while not overloading. The premeasured pacs ensure the right amount of detergent every time. With Tide Pods, I will not have to worry about my teenager wasting detergent or making a mess.


4 Dryer– Show them what a lint catcher is and teach them how to clean it out. Have them place clothes into the dryer slowly while making sure to place garments aside that require hang drying. Lastly, teach them about the dryer settings and which clothing types correspond with each.


5 Folding– This is the best part! Showing how to fold shirts, shorts and pants while letting them know that is does not have to be perfect.


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  1. Celeste says:

    I try to simplify my laundry routine by getting my family involved. My 5 & 8 year olds help me sort and separate and once it’s clean, they help fold socks and clothes. It helps save me some time here and there. ????

  2. Renee Titus says:

    I LOVE this product!! It is so much easier to get this from the store into the house, its lighter and easy to use. Just throw one in the washer and your done. Love it!

  3. This product works great with my daughters softball uniforms. You don’t have to soak long and it gets that darn red dirt out.

  4. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to try this product!! I will definitely be having my kids help me since it’s easy and mess free!!!

  5. latanya says:

    I wash small loads throughout the week.

  6. Danielle T says:

    i simplify my routine by having different laundry baskets for each type of load i do, all jeans go into one, gentle cycle in a another, and a whites load. If someone fails to sort correctly – it’s their fault! not mine 🙂

  7. I do the laundry first thing – get it DONE!

  8. I do small loads all week!

  9. We alternate days for whites and colors, which is really just doing clothing one day, towels and linens the next.

  10. janetfaye says:

    I simplify my laundry routine by sorting and pre treating stains the day before.

  11. Great tips! My kids were taught how to do their own as soon as they could handle it. I use Tide too and have for years – it really does a great job!

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