Grilled Crockpot Baby Back Ribs

This summer has consisted of just running my kids to and from a practice or game of some kind.  And while we are on the go, from the minute we get in the car to the drive home I hear, “I’m hungry.” The car door isn’t even closed all the way and they say it. By the time I pull in the driveway my two sons are starving. I guess if I worked out on a daily basis and was a teen again with a fast metabolism I would be hungry too!  I have tried to think of easy meals to have ready without much preparation so when we get home all I have to do is just serve. If I have to cook something my boys will for sure be hitting the pantry snacking while I’m cooking and then they don’t eat all of their dinner.  So, I have made these Grilled Crockpot Baby Back Ribs  and they were such a big hit.

Grilled crockpot baby back ribs

The first thing I do is cut the rack of ribs into 3 equal parts and use a dry rub (any rub will work). Make sure to rub a generous amout of seasoning on each side of the ribs.

Grilled Crockpot Baby Back ribs

Once I have done that I place them on the grill on high heat and sear each side of the ribs so each side is blackened. By grilling them you are making the ribs crunchy on the outside and the rub caramelizes and makes the meat more juicy. YUM!

 grilled bbq crockpot pork ribs


Then I place them into the crockpot on high for about 6 hours.


Crockpot grilled bbq ribs


About 6 hours later….

grilled crockpot baby back ribs 1


These ribs are perfect. The have a little crunch and smokey flavor even though they were in the crockpot most of the day. You can add BBQ sauce if you like or eat them as they are. Another tip is that I use a separate smaller crockpot and place potatoes wrapped in foil in it. Put them in for about 6 hours as well and they come out perfect. Dinner is really simple and best of all as soon I get home all I have to do is serve. No snacking in the pantry for these boys!

BBQ crockpot ribs1


Grilled Crockpot baby back ribs 11

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