Family Fun with Cheetos “Bag of Bones”

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Cheetos "Bag of Bones

As soon as my boys start to see signs of Halloween on TV and in the stores we visit, they immediately start thinking about what costume they will wear on October 31st. No matter the age, many of us still want to dress up as a favorite character or scary monster. A thing that I absolutely love about Halloween is that it creates so much fun family bonding time. And even though my boys are older (tweens), I will always love seeing them like this – silly and scary. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cheetos and it’s “scary” fun.

Family Fun with Cheetos "Bag of Bones"


During the Fall season we always find different activities to do with our family. When the Cheetos Bag of Bones arrived on my doorstep, the family could not resist! We tore open the bag, curiously looked inside, and started to pull out delicious edible Cheetos skeletons. Each limited edition Cheetos Bag of Bones has four different white cheddar bone-shaped puffs. These Limited Edition Cheetos Bag of Bones are available at your local grocery store for the suggested retail price of $3.49. They are a savory alternative to the usual Halloween treats.

Family fun with Cheetos "Bag of Bones"

To enjoy the Halloween spirit, our family decided to share the family fun with our neighborhood and we were eager to “BOO” our neighbors. A “BOO” is a way of sharing the Halloween spirit by secretly leaving a small gift at a neighbor’s doorstep. In turn, your neighbor has to “BOO” another neighbor, leading to a chain reaction throughout the entire neighborhood and Halloween fun! My family’s “BOO” gift to our neighbor this year is a spooky movie and a Cheetos Bag of Bones to enjoy while watching it.

Family fun with Cheetos "Bag of Bones"

Another fun way to participate in this mischievous time of the year is Chester’s Project TP: Did you know that you can virtually toilet paper (TP) any address anywhere in the world? What a hoot!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf on Cheetos.

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