Empanadas de Pollo {Chicken Empanadas}

The other day I was looking through my pantry trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I saw the Maseca (dry masa mix) and instantly thought – Empanadas de Pollo.

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Maseca is something that is a staple in my pantry and you can make many delicious things from it.  I have made Empanadas de Frijoles, Heart Shaped tortillas and even a Chicken Tamale Casserole. See pictures and links below.



2  Cooked Chicken breasts – shredded.

2 cups dry corn Maseca (masa)

approximately 2 cups of warm water

salt and pepper to taste

Empanadas de pollo

In a large bowl pour the 2 cups of dry tortilla mix and have 2 cups of warm water in a separate container. Slowly add the warm water and kneed the mixture well. Roll up some masa into a ball in your hand a little bigger than 1 inch and place in between the two sheets of plastic. I use a 1 quart size ziploc bag and cut it open – it’s the perfect size.  Using a tortilla press, push down on the handle lightly  to flatten the masa. If you do not have a tortilla press you can use a rolling pin to roll out your tortilla for your empanada. Remove the top layer of the plastic sheet.

Lift the tortilla with the plastic side in your palm and scoop up some chicken and place them on one side of the tortilla. Place onto the flat surface and pull plastic to fold the tortilla in half  to close the empanada. Once folded in half, press and smooth all sides of the masa so it is sealed. You’ve made the empanda.

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Heat up a skillet with some oil enough so the empanada can fry completely on each  side. Cook on each side until golden brown.

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Place the cooked empanadas de pollo onto a plate with napkins to drain the excess oil.

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These are really easy to make and are served pretty much with any sides you desire.


Check out some recipes with Maseca.

 Chicken Tamale Casserole

Chicken Tamale Casserole


Empanada de Frijoles


empanda de frijoles, mexican empanadas, how to make empandas


Heart Shaped Tortillas

heart shaped homemade tortillas11z



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