Empanada de Frijoles {bean empanadas}

Empanada de frijoles is one of my go-to meals when I’m on a tight schedule to get dinner done. If you frequent this blog you know that we are always on the go. My boys love frijoles and these empanadas de frijoles are so simple and easy to make. I really  try hard to plan ahead and know what my schedule will be like so we don’t end up in the drive through after each baseball or football practice. I know we’ve all been there! These empanadas de frijoles have been made in my family since I was a kid and I still love them.  What I love about these is that you can change the filling to whatever you like.  You can make these empanadas of frijoles, chicken, beef, queso con rajas de chile, picadillo, or mashed potatoes. The possibilities are endless and your family will love them.

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2 cups dry corn masa

approximately 2 cups of warm water

refried beans

cotija cheese

mexican blend cheese

how to make empanadas de frijoles

In a large bowl pour the 2 cups of dry tortilla mix and have 2 cups of warm water in a separate container. Slowly add the warm water and kneed the mixture well. When the masa (dough) is ready it will look like the picture on the right (above).

how to make empanada de frijoles

Roll up some masa into a ball in your hand a little bigger than 1 inch and place in between the two sheets of plastic. I use a 1 quart size ziploc bag and cut it open – it’s the perfect size.  Using a tortilla press, push down on the handle lightly  to flatten the masa. If you do not have a tortilla press you can use a rolling pin to roll out your tortilla for your empanada. Remove the top layer of the plastic sheet.

how to make empanadas

Lift the tortilla with the plastic side in your palm and scoop up some refried beans and place them on one side of the tortilla (like the first picture above) then add any type of cheese. Place onto the flat surface and pull plastic to fold the tortilla in half  to close the empanada. Once folded in half, press and smooth all sides of the masa so it is sealed. You’ve made the empanda.

how to make empanada de frijoles

Pick up the empanada de frijoles with the plastic side down and flip onto your other hand masa side down and remove the plastic.

empanada de frijoles recipe

Place the empanada onto the griddle and keep turning over on each side until it is thoroughly cooked.

how to make empanadas

Serve these empanadas de frijoles with some red roasted salsa, shredded lettuce and sour cream.  Enjoy!

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  1. These looks delicious! My husband would be so happy to see these on the menu:)

  2. They are so delicious and you can choose any filling you would like!

  3. You make it look so easy! I know my husband loves these & my son would too. I will have to give them a try. We could all make them together. We love cooking together. Thanks for sharing. Coming by from LBC.

  4. Mmmm….looks so good! I bet my family would like these!

  5. Hoy aprendi algo nuevo. siempre he hecho mis tortillas de masa – exactamente de la forma en que tu las haces, pero nunca se me ocurrio hacerlas empanadas. Gracias por la inspiracion y por agregarlo a #whyfakeitjustmakeit.


    • Nadia, Mi mama siempre nos hacia empanadas de frijole y de otra cosas. Me saben un poco como un tamale. Me encantan los tamales.

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