Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo

Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo

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This past weekend was really exciting for our family especially for Dylan the youngest, who is 10 years old – it was his first Water Polo tournament. Dylan has played flag football and he enjoyed it, he thought baseball was ok but pretty much hated wearing a cup and adjusted it all the time. At the conclusion of his flag football season, he attended a Water Polo practice as he was curious about the sport and really enjoys swimming. I was not expecting him to like it but he absolutely fell in love with it!  He has practices twice a week and they are 90 minutes long in 8 feet of water – and the kids are not allowed to touch the sides! I for sure wouldn’t have lasted!

Dylan's new sport water polo

I have mentioned that Dylan has been diagnosed with recurring fever syndrome – this past year he has developed new symptoms which appears to be juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). The fevers he has experienced may be related to this condition, which occasionally causes his joints to hurt and swell causing pain and discomfort. His doctors think he has some form of arthritis but they cannot pinpoint the cause or the type. Needless to say that other sports, such as flag football have caused Dylan extreme joint pain and soreness but Water Polo has been great. He is definitely sore but his joints don’t ache.

Dylan  new sport water polo

All of us (Tyler, Tom and me) were smiley and at the edge of our seats when the game started. Dylan had never played an actual Water Polo game with referees. I couldn’t believe how much swimming these kids do and how hard they work together to protect their goal. Dylan played fantastic and was relentless swimming around in the water and making crisp passes to his teammates. He has found a sport that he absolutely loves – it was a great weekend!

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