Colt had a uniquely creative style

Colt had a uniquely creative style and was well known and loved for lifting people spirits and helping them find laughter. He always had time to listen or share a silly joke. His ability to be soft and tough at the same time highlighted his growing strength of character, especially when speaking in defense of friends being bullied at school.

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Scott Michael Sanders v. The Cadillac Ranch, Sky Lounge, et al. Sanders has filed suit in circuit court claiming that as he sat at the bar, two bouncers from the bar approached him and, following an argument over fallen glasses, punched him “to the floor,” dragged him down the stairs, and heaved him on the pavement.

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Goes against everything that community colleges stand for, said Santiago Canyon College student Matthew Blake, 38, of Tustin, who serves on the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. Are fully against privatization of community colleges in any way, shape or form. Month, students from across the region descended on Crafton Hills College in San Bernardino County, urging officials there not to move forward with the two tiered tuition system.

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