Ceviche de Camaron/ Shrimp Ceviche

Ceviche de Camaron or shrimp ceviche is a dish that is very popular at any family gathering. Anytime there is a gathering my husband asks,”Is your dad coming?”  and the second question is,”Is he bringing ceviche?”  My father is known amongst the family to make the best tasting ceviche EVER!!!  I don’t think anyone has come close to the way he makes it. According to my husband and other family members, it is mouth-watering delicious. My father is also known for the many ways that he makes ceviche, he never makes it the same way.  He will mix in different ingredients and a secret ingredient – a type of chile that is found in Mexico.

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Making camaron de ceviche or shrimp ceviche is not very difficult at all. The hardest part is all the chopping of the vegetables.

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Ceviche de Camaron or Shrimp Ceviche Ingredients

3 lbs of shrimp

8 roma tomatoes

2 red onions

2 cucumbers


2 jalapeños


lots of limes


Tapatio Hot Sauce

Tostadas or Chips

recipe for cevicheshrimp


Shrimp Recipe

1. Peel, clean and dice all the shrimp.

2. Place all the cleaned diced shrimp into a bowl and squeeze limes into the bowl until the shrimp is covered in lime juice. The lime juice will cook the shrimp. (cover and place in the fridge)

3.  Start dicing all the vegetables in small cubes or desired size.

4. Once all the veggies are chopped, remove the bowl of shrimp from the fridge and you will notice that the shrimp are pink. Add all the vegetables and mix together. Then add

salt to taste and desired amount of Tapatio.

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After all ingredients are mixed taste the juice and add more salt or Tapatio according to how spicy you want it to taste, remember it also has the Jalapeños mixed in.


ceviche de camaron shrimp recipe


You can add the Ceviche de Camaron or Shrimp Ceviche on top of tostadas or you can serve some in a bowl with avocado and tostadas on the side. I don’t mix in the avocado in the shrimp ceviche mix because avocados tend to  brown quickly.  Most of the time my husband will add more tapatio to his portion and he will request a Chelada; his favorite drink to have with Ceviche de Camaron.

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  1. Tecate in the house 🙂 That’s one of my husband’s favorite cervezas + you can NEVER go wrong with ceviche! It’s funny, but growing up we didn’t eat much ceviche.. until our Ecuadorian neighbors moved in, and made often. She made hers with squid, after we had hers we became shrimp ceviche heads 😉

  2. I’ve missed you and your recipes! Did you take a blogging break? Happy to see you back! And this looks delish!

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