Middle School to High School 3 Things To Know

middle school to high school 3 things to know

Over the next several months, many parents will experience our children’s transformation from “middle-schooler” to high school student. This reality hit me right smack in the face during a recent visit to the local high school – that enormous place with the football stadium, endless buildings, and gigantic parking lot that my oldest son will […]

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Turn It Up Tuesday

Welcome to the 8th week of Turn It Up Tuesdays!   Turn It Up Tuesdays – Halloween Style was an extreme success with a total of 103 link-ups!    I read through the blog posts and was so entertained! I thank you all for joining in the fun and linking up with us!  Welcome our hosts! Natasha at Epic […]

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Ain going to do it on the court

The Explorer edition, being beta tested by 8,000 lottery winners willing to cough up $1,500 for the privilege, isn’t actually a pair of specs at all. It’s actually a titanium glasses framework with a small square screen on the high right. The digital display is attached to a curved piece of plastic (available in charcoal, […]

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No Bake Candy Corn Oreo Cake Ball

candy corn oreo cake ball

I was at the store the other day shopping for Halloween supplies and I saw these Candy Corn Oreos. I immediately thought to make these Candy Corn Oreos into cake balls this weekend for the familia – we love Oreos!  If you are looking to have some extra treats that are quick and easy, this […]

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Wordless Wednesday {Grandma’s Magic Touch}

Grandma's magic touch

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and she went with me to pick up the boys from school. My mom and I  were standing in front of  the classroom when my youngest saw his Grandmother and he magically became the happiest kid ever.  It made his day and they walked together holding hands […]

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