Playing Multiple Sports 6 Things to Consider

A recent conversation with my son after picking him up from a Monday basketball practice, just after spending a weekend playing baseball.   Me: How was practice?   Him: It was good – we had to run a lot though.   Me: You must be tired.   Him: Mom, I’m always tired. Playing Multiple Sports […]

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Making Laundry Easy 5 Steps with Tide Pods

Making Laundry Easy with Tide Pods

I am participating in a Latina Bloggers Connect campaign for P&G. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am no way affiliated with P&G and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. When I was young, I had different chores around the […]

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Fuel Up to Play 60 With Real California Milk

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Real California Milk. Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for every child and eating the right things goes right along with it. Having 2 very active boys of my own, being active is very important thing.   The Fuel Up […]

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Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® & Cal Ripken Jr.

cal ripken baseball kellogs rice krispies treat

It’s spring time! This means many families are already in full swing with youngsters participating in Little League or Pony Baseball.  Our family is no different as we are at baseball practice, batting workouts, or games almost everyday. Baseball becomes a big part of family life during this time of year and I wouldn’t have […]

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5 Mom Wisdom Tips

One of the fondest childhood memories of my mother is how she always had her morning routine, which included of course taking care of my sister and I prior to heading off to work. The smell of her breakfast cooking in the kitchen would be our alarm clock…the aroma of chorizo and “papa con huevos” […]

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Baseball – My Growing Love For America’s Pastime

baseball americas pastime

Nowadays, I look at baseball through an unfiltered lens as I really didn’t know much about the game growing up. I certainly wasn’t a kid that went to the ballpark when I was young even though Dodger Stadium is a mere 15 miles from my childhood home. It was also a rarity to have baseball […]

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Who Wants It More, You Or Your Child?

sports family-

Who Wants it More, you or your Child? Being supportive of your child’s activities; whether it is athletics, music, dance, computers, etc. is critical. Just as important however is knowing how much to “push” your child as there is a fine line between support and literally ramming your child into something that they have little […]

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Notre Dame….Why Not?

notre dame

Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy! My sons (7 & 8 years old at the time) watched the TV screen with big smiles on their faces cheering on Rudy. Tyler, my oldest, fell in love with the tradition and the mystique of Notre Dame. In the movie “Rudy” the main character struggles to achieve his dream of playing […]

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Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo

Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo This past weekend was really exciting for our family especially for Dylan the youngest, who is 10 years old – it was his first Water Polo tournament. Dylan has played flag football and he enjoyed it, he thought baseball was ok but pretty much hated wearing a cup and adjusted […]

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My Pink Bag of Swag

My pink bag of swag from Lands’ End This Lands’ End bag is something I always take with me to the ball fields pretty much every weekend. Let me tell you, most weekends I’m sitting in my lawn chair watching my boys play sports from morning till night and during these times, my “pink bag […]

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