The Toughest Kid I Know

tonsillectomy and Pfapa

  (Pinterest Image) The Toughest Kid I Know He’s the younger of two brothers and the toughest kid I know. Picture that image of a baby with beard stubble and an anchor tattoo on his arm and you get an idea of what I mean. Well, my youngest son Dylan has no beard stubble and […]

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Recurring Fever Syndrome “Flare Up”

Recurring flare up

Recurring Fever  Syndrome “Flare Up” We had a really tough week! The weekend after Thanksgiving my youngest was feeling ill.  He was dealing with fever, joint pains, headaches, doctor visits and blood withdrawals. My youngest son has been dealing with some type of recurring fever syndrome for most of his life, and this Recurring Fever […]

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Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo

Dylan new sport 2

Dylan’s New Sport Water Polo This past weekend was really exciting for our family especially for Dylan the youngest, who is 10 years old – it was his first Water Polo tournament. Dylan has played flag football and he enjoyed it, he thought baseball was ok but pretty much hated wearing a cup and adjusted […]

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Child’s Doctor Appointment

5 things you need to know before your childs dr. appt.

Taking your child to the doctor?  5 things to keep in mind. My son Dylan was diagnosed within the last year with recurring fever syndrome and it has been a journey for him and our family. I remember feeling so lost and overwhelmed, however I quickly learned that I had to be his advocate and understand what […]

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What is Pediatric Recurring Fever Syndrome?

feature image rfs

What is Pediatric Fever Syndrome? Fever Syndrome or Recurring Fever is a fever of unknown origin. This condition usually occurs once a month or every few months and the child will generally have no other symptoms. My son Dylan has had fever episodes since he was born and has recently been diagnosed with an Auto […]

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