Grilled Crockpot Baby Back Ribs

This summer has consisted of just running my kids to and from a practice or game of some kind.  And while we are on the go, from the minute we get in the car to the drive home I hear, “I’m hungry.” The car door isn’t even closed all the way and they say it. […]

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Ceviche de Callos de Hacha (Scallop Ceviche)

Callos de Hacha ceviche scallop ceviche

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21 and I know exactly what to get  my husband! It is not going to cost me very much but I know that he will completely enjoy it. I’m going to make him one of his favorite dishes- Scallop Ceviche. He likes anything with seafood and a beer!  This […]

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Mexican Street French Fries

Mexican Style French Fries

The other day I was craving french fries and roasted salsa.  Well, I made some Mexican Street French Fries with red roasted salsa and it was so unbelievably tasty.  Making these Mexican Street French Fries reminds me of my Aunt and anytime I was craving anything she would just make it. I guess she has […]

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The Best Guacamole Recipe!

The best guacamole recipe!

I know you are probably thinking what makes this the best guacamole recipe. Let me tell you! There are two ingredients that I use that makes this the best guacamole recipe. Shrimp and cotija cheese! Guacamole recipes can differ and that is what I love about cooking – you can add your own ingredients to […]

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Salsa de Nopales Recipe {Cactus Salsa}

salsa de nopales- cactus recipe

Have you ever heard of Nopales?  If you haven’t, it’s a form of cactus plant that is edible and at the same time very good for you.  This Salsa de Nopales recipe (Cactus Salsa)  is one that you will want to try for sure. Nopales are used in many dishes in Mexican cuisine and is […]

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Pozole? or Posole?

Chicken Pozole Verde-Easy recipe

Recently, I have been on such a soup kick.  I decided to make one of my favorites – Chicken Pozole Verde. Or is it Posole? This has been up for discussion in my family for some time but the majority of the familia says it’s Pozole. It can never be decided!  Regardless, this Pozole or […]

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Albondigas Soup Recipe

albondigas soup recipe

A bit of chill is in the air here in Southern California and this means it’s time to make a Mexican food favorite – albondigas soup! As a small girl, this was one of my favorite comfort foods and it’s a family favorite.   In a small bowl combine ground beef, egg, 1/2 cup of […]

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Family Fun with Cheetos “Bag of Bones”

Cheetos "Bag of Bones

As soon as my boys start to see signs of Halloween on TV and in the stores we visit, they immediately start thinking about what costume they will wear on October 31st. No matter the age, many of us still want to dress up as a favorite character or scary monster. A thing that I […]

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10 Ways You Know You’re Grown Up

When I was younger I thought turning 40 was “old.” Now I’m 39 years young and approaching….the BIG 4-0! The funny thing is I don’t see myself as 40 but my mind, my body and life tell me otherwise. Being grown up has it’s advantages – I partnered up with Wendy’s®  on this sponsored post […]

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Ceviche de Camaron/ Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp recipe-ceviche

Ceviche de Camaron or shrimp ceviche is a dish that is very popular at any family gathering. Anytime there is a gathering my husband asks,”Is your dad coming?”  and the second question is,”Is he bringing ceviche?”  My father is known amongst the family to make the best tasting ceviche EVER!!!  I don’t think anyone has […]

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