Building Memories with a Night Out at the Ballpark

Building Memories with a Night Out at the Ballpark

The familia at the Ballpark

The Familia at the Ballpark

Baseball is known as America’s past time. Growing up, my parents were not into any kind of sports, therefore I never knew the difference between baseball and golf!   Now that I am a mother of two boys, I realize what baseball is all about – both on the field and off. It unites and bonds families and brings them together in a way that  I had not experienced growing up.  Another great thing is that watching my boys play and watching baseball on TV I now know what a “double play”  is and that the “bullpen” is not a place where longhorns are kept!

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Our night at the ballpark started with picking up the kids from school, rushing home to get changed, and jumping in the car to head to Petco Park in San Diego; Padres vs. Nationals. My two school-aged sons were really excited and couldn’t wait to get there – I have to admit that I was a bit excited as well. My oldest son was consumed by the fact that he was going to see his favorite player live – 20 year old Bryce Harper of the Nationals. Both boys were also hopeful about getting an autograph.

Gio Gonzalez Autographed Ball

Gio Gonzalez Autographed Ball

As soon as we walk into the stadium, both of my sons darted by the ushers straight to the field level to watch the big leaguers take batting practice. They both held their brand new MLB leather baseballs and fresh new fine point sharpie pens (a must for autograph seekers).  I see the faces of two little boys light up with pure happiness. They are anxiously waiting for one of the ball players  to walk over to the rail. When they see Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez approaching, they both say, “Mr. Gonzalez please sign my ball?” My oldest (Tyler) hands him the ball with the Sharpie and he has a grin from ear to ear. Tyler thanks the friendly millionaire and he walks towards me like he just hit the lottery – what a great childhood memory to get an autograph from a major leaguer!


I don’t know what it is about being at a ballpark, but the experience isn’t complete without having a hot dog, cracker jacks, cotton candy and of course singing “Take Me out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch.

By the time the night was over, the boys got an autograph, feasted on ballpark food, and watched Bryce Harper hit a home run to deep center. And most importantly, my two sons had an unforgettable evening.







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  1. There really is nothing like it!

  2. Anissa Sonnenburg says:

    My oldest just turned 5 and is playing T-ball for the first time. It’s so fun being out there watching him pay. I can’t wait to take both boys (the youngest is 22 months) to a game someday!

    • Ophelia says:

      I love T-ball! That was my favorite time to watch them play. They look so cute in uniforms and they are so carefree. Your boys will love baseball.

  3. Thanks for connecting via twitter via SITS. I’m also a boy mom, 3 boys, and just took my oldest son, 3 yrs, to his first baseball game 4 days ago. Enjoyed reading your baseball post. Look forward to reading more posts and connecting further…will like and connect via facebook as well:-) Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Wisemommies

    • Ophelia says:

      Thank you so much! Boys are so much fun and I’ve learned so much from them. Your boys will have great memories at the ballpark and watching their little faces- priceless!

  4. You definitely give me something to look forward to in reading this post. My husband has made me a huge Cowboys fan so I can’t wait to go to the games with him and my son. I’m sure he will love baseball games with our son too! I’m so glad you get to experience such wonderful times with your family this way! xoxo

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