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I have the pleasure of introducing you to Beth From Structure in an Unstructured Life. Beth is a momma of two boys and is also a sports mom! If you haven’t checked out her Blog you are missing out! She has great tips on keeping organized and meal planning. I LOVE something that she does called – Muffin Tin Meals! Please go meet Beth and see how fabulous she is!
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1. Your boys are in the “tween” years. What’s your favorite and least favorite things about this stage?
My favorite thing about my boys right now is that they still want hugs and like to cuddle. My least favorite thing is the attitude at times. I’ve never had boys in my family – it was just me and my sister. Never realized that boys can be  hormonal – and that’s all I’m saying!
2. You have some amazing looking recipes on your blog! What recipe is a favorite of your kids?
My boys love any mexican food that I make but right now the favorite is homemade Mac-n-Cheese. They love that stuff!
3. Would you rather get a mani or a pedi?
I can’t just have one. Of course, if I go in for either a Mani or Pedi you have to get both-thats how I roll!
4. Last month you wrote about a disheartening experience with a school counselor, but it sounds like your son handled it with a lot of confidence and grace. What advice can you give for raising boys to be confident?
Being humble and always being respectful always will breed confidence in an individual.
5. You and I are both sports mamas. What’s your favorite sport to watch? 
I didn’t grow up watching or playing any sports so I don’t have a favorite. I do love watching my boys play their sports – baseball is probably #1.
6. If you had to choose one cause you are most passionate about, what would it be?
We always try to support St. Jude’s Children Hospital and we try to visit and support St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City, Nevada.  We try to always help others and especially when children are involved.
7. What will your Christmas dinner be this year?
TAMALES!! TAMALES!! We have a Tamale making party – all of the aunts and cousins get together just to make them. It’s so much fun! We talk, laugh and have some wine.
8. What’s your favorite and least favorite Christmas songs?
Any Christmas song during works for me.
9. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?
During the holidays we bake together, I make mexican hot chocolate and watch holiday movies.
10. What book are you reading right now? If you’re not reading one right now, what’s one on your to-read list?
Not reading a book right now but the next book I want to read is 5 Languages of Love.
Please go meet Beth and see what I asked her!
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  1. That is great advice to boys. I taught my boys this way. As a matter of fact, they both have told me just in the last couple of weeks, that the song “Simple Man” by Shinedown, though originally done by Lynard Skynard is the one song that makes them think of me because it is one that I sang to them when they were young. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Ophelia!

  2. My boys still hug me too and I love that!! So tamales for Christmas dinner…is there a recipe on here somewhere?! I love tamales! I tried to make your chile rellenos and I was not successful…I could not get them to peel so that they were relatively whole. I WILL try again though! Maybe I roasted them too long?

  3. Love your answers! I had so much fun pairing up with you!
    How funny – my boys love homemade Mac & Cheese as well!
    Your tamale making with family sounds like such a fun tradition! Anythign with family, cooking, and wine has to be great!!!
    Awesome advice for raising boys!
    Thanks again for swapping this week! :)

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