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Okay, so seriously are we already half way through November?  I can’t deal anymore, time is flying way too fast for me.  Is everyone planning out Thanksgiving meals and doing their 30 Days of Thankful? I literally almost just skipped Thanksgiving yesterday and went straight into putting up the Christmas tree!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better!  10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

As always, tried and true we have the partners in crime, the ladies who created #AskAwayFriday…the wonderful Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom!!

The Real Housewife of Caroline County


Our co-hosts for the month of November are amazing so check them out!

Dean aka Mrs_AOK is pretty freaking amazing!  She’s been apart of #AskAwayFriday as long as it’s been around I believe, which is pretty impressive!  She’s become a great friend to me and the other ladies involved in #AskAwayFriday each week and I’m super excited she’s moving to the East Coast!

Next up is the wonderful Ophelia from LatinaMamaRama, we’ve really enjoyed her joining in on #AskAwayFriday, she always has some really insightful and beautiful things to say!

And last, but certainly not least is Sarah from Lomholt’s Family…she’s a really great gal from Iowa and I really enjoy our little chats, she’s become a good friend and a friendly face each week on #AskAwayFriday!  She’s always up for exchanging with anyone and so friendly!

Okay, now that we’ve met everyone I’m going to add in a shameless plug on behalf of Penny & Mrs_AOK.  If you haven’t already sign up and join into the Holiday Nail Polish Swap & Giveaway!  There are some awesome prizes and you get to exchange a polish with another blogger and build on friendships…use hashtag #HolidayColorSwap!  The giveaway will be running from November 23rd to December 1st so remember to enter!


Now that we’ve got all the business out of the way, let’s get into Week 15 of #AskAwayFriday!

This week, “Ask Away Friday”  is Michelle from A Daily Dish of Life. The minute I visited Michelle’s blog, I felt we had things in common. She loves her family and is an avid supporter of her children’s sports. I had a chance to meet Michelle this past week at a conference and she was so pleasant and sincere. Ok, maybe I stalked her a bit before I approached her because I am a big fan of her blog! Check out the questions I asked her.



I know you like to cook Mexican and I love all of your recipes! What is your favorite non-Mexican dish to make?

If we are not eating some type of Mexican food it’s going to be pasta. My family loves traditional spaghetti.  We have pasta once a week and I use whole grain pasta often-my kids


What food could you never give up?

I will not and cannot give up cookies, cupcakes or anything sweet. I seriously have a sweet tooth problem. I had chocolate covered raisins and  swedish fish in my bag at Bloggy Boot Camp in Dallas.


Your kids play competitive sports. Have you ever seen a sideline parent out of control and what did you do?

Unfortunately, yes and this happens too often! What I have told my children is that I cannot control what comes out of other people’s mouths. I can only control my own mouth.  I really believe in having a good attitude and modeling that for our children. I stress to my children that they should tune out any negativity that they hear during any sports they play.


What are your best time saving tips for sports moms (or any moms) constantly on the go?


We are definitely always on the go. I make sure I map out all the practices and activities and plan dinner accordingly. I have this Pink Bag of Swag that I carry and It has all the essentials as homework supplies.  It has become part of our daily routine and the boys have adjusted pretty well to the  routine.


What would be the one piece of advice that you’d want your kids to go into the world with, once they leave the “nest?”

Actually there is a new quote that we are using in our house lately by a former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz-

“Ability is what your capable of doing. Motivation determines how you do it. Attitude determines how well you do it”


What is one of your personality traits that you see in your children?

In the youngest Dylan I see his spitfire personality.  He definitely has “the fight” reaction to situations. In Tyler I see the his determination to accomplish what his goal is.  They both have a great sense of humor!


What is your favorite topic to blog about?


I am such a foodie! I really enjoy cooking for my family. Food is something that brings people together. I feel that  food is such a common ground amongst families no matter what ethnicity.


I know you are a relatively new blogger, but only because you told me! Otherwise I would never have known! Have you thought about where you’d like to see your blog in the next year or so?

Keep my blog fresh and updated and continue to interact with other bloggers.


What is your favorite book and why?

One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austen.  I love romance novels! I also admire her to have written this story so many years ago and  to have many women today still enjoy her books is truly amazing.


What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

When I started school in Kindergarten I did not speak any English. I had to learn the English language in grade school.














Latina Mama Rama


  1. I am so glad I got to be your partner this week! I loved reading your answers. I definitely need a swag bag…you are way more organized than me! I love that Lou Holtz quote and I would have answered the trait question very similarly…we really do have a lot in common! :)

    • Michelle,
      Me too! You need a swag bag every sports mom should have one. :) Our boys really respond and understand quotes so we use them often we post them in the kitchen so they are visible. Thank you so much for being my partner!

  2. I love your answers :) You’re such a wonderful Mama! I mean a swag bag…
    My kiddos love pasta too.
    p.s I love your foodie posts too!

  3. My kids love their pasta, too. I completely find it funny, that I have never read Pride and Prejudice, since I am a complete historical romance junkie! I think that I will have to download it to my Kindle to read! Thanks for the recommendation! Have a great weekend!

    • I really loved the movie so I read the book. I love watching BBC shows and my boys say,”Are you watching those love things again?” They don’t get it. :) Thanks Stacey for stopping by!

  4. I found you through Michelle’s blog – loved your answers here (the swag bag sounds like a great idea!). Can’t wait to check out some of your recipes!!!

    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Every mom should have a swag bag. I such a foodie- let me know if you try any recipes.

  5. I want a pink bag of swag!!! That sounds like so much fun. And I’m with you all the way with traditional spaghetti. I love it. And I do have a sweet tooth but I can curb it when needed. I opened a bag of chips last night at 10:30 so I think I would prefer salty. But then again I annihilated a mini bag of M&Ms shortly after so I guess I’m just a mess :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. I can’t wait until the girls get into activities like sports but also I know it will get super crazy! We are always eating pasta in this house and Mexican is taco night haha

  7. My daughter is too young for sports but you shared great tips for when she does get into sports and activities! I love mexican food so Im going to be “stalking” you to get some of those recipes!!!

  8. Hahaha! Porque estamos hablando en espanol, dejame poner mi comentario en espanol! Tu puedes responder en ingles, claro, si quieras. No me di cuenta que aprendiste el ingles en colegio! wow! Para mi, la personalidad que tienes y como piensas sobre la comida y la familia es porque me enamore de la cultura y el idioma espanol. Me alegro que nos conozcamos, Ophelia! xoxo

    • Muchisima Gracias! Hable español de muy chica y despues me enseñe a leer y escribirlo. Ahora trato de usar Espanol para continuar practicar leer y escribir. Me encanta concinar y estar con mi familia.

  9. I loved reading your answers for this #AskAwayFriday! I think one of the first posts I read on this blog was about that pink swag bag. You have awesome food posts and I get hungry everytime I see your posts on Instagram! LOL

  10. Pasta is a huge part of our lives LOL, spaghetti is my girls favorite food. Good answers, have a good weekend!!

  11. It always amazed me, the parents that embarrassed their kids, teaching them to be un-sportsmen-like. Such poor values to instill. I always like finding new food ideas, I’m headed to your food section!

    • Being in the “sports world” it doesn’t surprise me anymore. It is so sad to see. Thank for stopping by and let me know what you think.

  12. Just a couple weeks ago I was at a football game with my kids and there were some obnoxious parents in the stands. My son turned and asked me if the refs could throw people out of the stands if they were acting inappropriate. It made me a little sad to have to have that conversation with him, and that the behavior was bad enough that a seven year old could see that.
    I completely agree that staying organized and having a bag ready to go is one of the biggest keys to keeping it together through sports schedules!!
    Great answers!!

    • It is sad that we have to have these conversations with our kiddos. But it does happen and too often. I try to stay organized by planning ahead. Thank you for stopping by!

  13. I need you to teach me your cooking skills. I just can’t. Honestly, I don’t really try, but I am jealous of people who enjoy cooking and make incredible things. I love Pride and Prejudice too!!

  14. Love these posts, they are so fun. And love that it was you and Michelle paired up – had such a great time hanging with both of you in Dallas.

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