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Week 13?? WHAT!?! That’s crazy! What’s even crazier is that it’s November…where did the whole year go?  It doesn’t feel like November, it doesn’t feel like we should all be planning for Thanksgiving much less does it feel like we should even be seeing Holiday things out in stores!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better!  10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

As always, tried and true we have the partners in crime, the ladies who created #AskAwayFriday…the wonderful Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom!!

The Real Housewife of Caroline County


For the month of October we had some amazing co-hosts, but with the new
month comes new co-hosts so let me introduce you to the ladies who will
be hanging out with us for the month of November!

Dean aka Mrs_AOK is pretty freaking amazing!  She’s been apart of #AskAwayFriday as long as it’s been around I believe, which is pretty impressive!  She’s become a great friend to me and the other ladies involved in #AskAwayFriday each week and I’m super excited she’s moving to the East Coast!

Next up is the wonderful Ophelia from LatinaMamaRama, we’ve really enjoyed her joining in on #AskAwayFriday, she always has some really insightful and beautiful things to say!

And last, but certainly not least is Sarah from Lomholt’s Family…she’s a really great gal from Iowa and I really enjoy our little chats, she’s become a good friend and a friendly face each week on #AskAwayFriday!  She’s always up for exchanging with anyone and so friendly!

Okay, now that we’ve met everyone I’m going to add in a shameless plug on behalf of Penny & Mrs_AOK.  If you haven’t already sign up and join into the Holiday Nail Polish Swap & Giveaway!  There are some awesome prizes and you get to exchange a polish with another blogger and build on friendships…use hashtag #HolidayColorSwap!


Now that we’ve got all the business out of the way, let’s get into Week 13 of #AskAwayFriday!
I’m so Excited about this weeks Ask Away Friday I partnered up with the lovely Stacey from This Mommas Ramblings. Please go check out her blog so you can see the questions I asked her.
    1.Who is someone in your life that has molded you into the woman that you are and why?


It is hard to just pick one person. My parents, husband and children are a huge part of who I am today. I guess now that I’m a mom I understand and see things so different than when I was younger. They each play a part in who I am.


2. What is one recipe that you remember from your childhood that you make for your family?

One thing that my mom made is “frijoles de la olla” (beans). My family absolutely loves them and my kids really enjoy them a lot.


These beans are so delicioso!

These beans are so delicioso!

3. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start a blog, about blogging?  One thing I would tell a new blogger would be to stay true to herself and take it one day at time. There is so much to learn and you can easily become overwhelmed. I sure did!


4. What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself?

When I started my blog I was so worried that I would not be able to write or have topics to write about. I have discovered that I enjoy writing and find it to be a huge stress reliever.


5. Have you ever had the chance to meet any of the blogging friends that you have made?

I haven’t met anyone one in person but I had a chance to FaceTime with the lovely Adina from Mrs. AOK work in progress. She is so kind and sincere. If you haven’t checked out her blog you should. I look forward to meeting other bloggers at Bloggy Boot Camp in Dallas next week.


6. Where do you see your blog in a year?

I hope to continue to meet such great people in the blogosphere world. One goal is to have sponsored posts within the year.


7. How does your hubby feel about your blogging?

The hubby is completely supportive of my blogging and was the one who pushed me into starting my own blog.


8. What was the most difficult post you have ever written?

I would have to say it was my first post. I looked at that written post for about a week before I published it. This is the post- Pico de Gallo

Fresh Salsa Pico de Gallo


9. What is your fondest dream that you have yet to accomplish?

My fondest dream would be to see my children be successful and honorable gentlemen.


10. If you could go back in history and meet a past historical figure or celebrity, who would it be and what would you ask them?

I would love to go back in time and meet Frida Kahlo. I truly admire her artwork and how strong she was. I picture us sitting in a courtyard having a conversation in spanish talking about her life and what were her inspirations. Ok…..then she would maybe paint my portrait.


{Source of picture}


Latina Mama Rama


  1. Hey lady! Thank you so much for the opportunity to join you for Ask Away Friday, it was lots of fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great Q&A! And again I come away from your blog hungry and wanting some homemade Mexican comida!! Por favor! :)
    Thank you for the shout out! I’m so happy to know you, and wish to meet you face-to-face in the near future.
    I hope all your bloggy dreams come true!

    I know your sons will be honorable gentlemen; your values and love alone will get them there!

  3. thank you for co-hosting, I always enjoy your posts on AAF! I agree with you that blogging is somehow a stress reliever know…I find myself wanting to write when the world becomes overwhelming!

  4. Love your answers!!! Good getting to know you more! Glad to be cohosting with you this month.

  5. Aww … have SO much fun at Bloggy Boot Camp! That sounds like a blast :)
    Having children and being with someone for a long time definitely molds you into the person that you are now. I couldn’t agree more with that.
    Loved learning more about you beauty!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. Aw Frida! That would be pretty cool to go back and talk to her in Spanish. Her work as well as Diego’s was pretty awesome! I’m so glad your hubby pushed you to blog! That’s crazy that you took a while to publish that first post! I totally understand though. Blogging was something I barely knew about when I started to so the uncertainty of it all I can only imagine was quite overwhelming! xoxo

    • Yes, I know it was my biggest fear to start my blog and I couldn’t hit the publish button. I guess it was the fear of the unknown. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Frida Kahlo! Amazing choice. I saw a movie about her life recently and thoughI was familiar with her work, I never knew much about what amazingly strong woman she was. The details of her accident are just unbelievable.

  8. As always Ophelia i love your swaps. I always sense your sincerity in your answers. I would love to meet you! Maybe someday. I think it’s awesome that your going to Bloggy Bootcamp! I will be living vicariously through you (and your tweets) LOL

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