Ain going to do it on the court

The Explorer edition, being beta tested by 8,000 lottery winners willing to cough up $1,500 for the privilege, isn’t actually a pair of specs at all. It’s actually a titanium glasses framework with a small square screen on the high right. The digital display is attached to a curved piece of plastic (available in charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton or sky) that contains a camera, bone conducting speaker and battery..

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wholesale jerseys Why were The Cincinnati Post and The Kentucky Post considered to be failing newspapers?Simply put, the Post newspapers in the late 1970s were unable to sell enough subscriptions and advertising on their own to profitably support the expense of operating printing facilities and business operations. The demand for an afternoon daily newspaper in Cincinnati has been in steady decline for several decades. Paid circulation of the Post has declined from 188,000 in 1978, shortly after the joint operating agreement was signed, to 42,219 daily and 57,543 on Saturday in September 2003. wholesale jerseys

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