5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Child’s Doctor Appointment

Taking your child to the doctor?  5 things to keep in mind.

My son Dylan was diagnosed within the last year with recurring fever syndrome and it has been a journey for him and our family. I remember feeling so lost and overwhelmed, however I quickly learned that I had to be his advocate and understand what the doctors were saying to me.  So now before I go to any of his doctor appointments I make sure to use these 5 tools.

5 things you need to know before your childs dr. appt.

  1. Be calm – Doctors can give so much information and it can be overwhelming. It is very difficult to focus and pay attention to a doctor when you are so emotional. Take a deep breath and listen to what the doctors are saying so you can clearly understand and come up questions to ask.
  2. Ask questions– It is important to have questions written down before your child’s doctor visit. Many times, I had the questions in my mind and the doctor or I got off topic and I didn’t remember or forgot to ask.  Having your questions written down before you go in will help keep you organized. Take a note pad and pen so you can take notes on the questions you asked.
  3. Research– I know we are not medical doctors and they will use medical terminology that you may of never heard before.  Do look up medical terminology and understand what it means. Do not get overwhelmed with google searches and start to self diagnose. This can go down a very bad road – trust me I’ve been there!
  4. Be prepared– Keep a calendar and notes of all of your child’s doctor visits so you can be ready to write down information and ask questions either during the appointment or afterwards.
  5. Keep a Journal- Keeping a journal of all your child’s symptoms and the times of day they occur can be very helpful to your doctor. I was able to keep track of the fever episodes my son was experiencing and it was an important puzzle piece for the doctors as they were able to use my journal to track his fever episodes – it ultimately  helped with his diagnosis.


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  1. Definitely agree — write down your questions ahead of time! I always forget and then get home and remember what I was going to ask!

    • Ophelia says:

      I have forgotten questions so many times. I carry a notebook just for doctors appointments and it has helped keep me organized.

  2. Taking a journal is key to keeping up with those baby books that’s for sure. Lord willing you will have all your questions answered soon and your son will get better. Stay positive.

    Thanks for sharing. Following from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop.

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