10 Ways You Know You’re Grown Up

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When I was younger I thought turning 40 was “old.” Now I’m 39 years young and approaching….the BIG 4-0! The funny thing is I don’t see myself as 40 but my mind, my body and life tell me otherwise. Being grown up has it’s advantages – I partnered up with Wendy’s®  on this sponsored post to share with you ten ways you know you’re “grown up.”

10 ways you know


1. I love my bed!-As soon as I get out of bed I looking forward to getting back in bed at night and cuddling with my blanket. I seriously love my bed!

2. Those old board games we played as children such as Candy Land, Trouble, and Chutes & Ladders are now sold in nice wooden box sets that say “Vintage.”

3. Early (or at least earlier) bedtime. When my hubby and I are vacationing in Las Vegas, we are headed up the elevator to call it a night while the young ones are headed down the elevator ready to get the night started.

4. Upon waking up in the morning, my body automatically is drawn to the coffee pot – and that first sip of java is glorious!

5. When a quiet lunch, which is a rarity, materializes and you are giddy because of it.

6. You start thinking how every day of work is just one day closer to retirement!

7. When your 12-year old son points to your head and says, “If you let that grey hair grow out you will look just like Grandma!” …..enough said!

8. I’m in my car and and the flashback station plays MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and I start singing along – my boys look at me like I’m weird. Oh music was so much better 20 years ago..

9. When you talk to your kids and start by saying,”When I was young” or “Back in the Day…”  I have become my mother!

10. You develop a taste for the finer things in life, for example, Gouda Cheese. I love me some cheese! The new Wendy’s® Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche is a distinctive chicken sandwich that awakens your grown up senses.

Smoked Gouda Chicken Sandwich

The new Smoked Gouda Chicken on Brioche is packed with flavor

  •    A thick, creamy Dijon aioli with tangy mustard finish
  •    A smoked, mild and rich Gouda cheese
  •    A sweet caramelized onion sauce made from pureed caramelized onion
  •    A warm, lightly breaded chicken breast
  •    Sliced red onions
  •    Fresh spring mix
  •    ….All served on a toasted Brioche bun


Is your mouth watering yet? Need I say anymore about this Smoked Gouda Chicken sandwich? So being grown up has its advantages get the taste of #thegoudalife- Be young. Eat grown up.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wendy’s®.

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  1. I adore smoked Gouda! And interestingly enough, it is my youngest son’s favorite cheese! I had no idea Wendy’s had a burger with it! Laughing at your list too … So true! And I hit that milestone a while back.

    • My list sadly is totally true and I could of added 10 more.LOL! It’s pretty yummy..If your son loves Gouda he will love this chicken sandwich! Thanks Michelle!

  2. No. 1 and 4 are definitely tops on my list…how about java IN bed? LOL This chicken sandwich definitely looks amazing and fit for the grown-up I have become…

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